Lorne Liechty Files For Texas HD 33 As Endorsements Surge

Republican Lorne Liechty, a longtime conservative leader and the current Mayor of Heath, has officially filed as a candidate for State Representative to represent the citizens of Texas State House District 33, which includes Rockwall County and parts of Collin County. Current Representative Scott Turner is not seeking reelection.

Since Liechty announced his intent to run for Texas House earlier this summer, he is the only candidate to receive a broad range of support from elected officials and influential conservatives from the across the district. His growing endorsement list of district wide leaders includes 10 current and former Mayors, a former County Judge, a County Commissioner, and numerous current and former City Councilmembers and School Board Trustees.

Last week the Liechty campaign announced the support of the Concerned Women For America Legislative Action Committee. This is the highest profile conservative endorsement for any candidate in the race so far. He also has received the support from the Texas Bankers Association.

“Over the past month we have enjoyed an encouraging surge of key endorsements from elected officials, committed conservatives and business leaders,” said Lorne Liechty. “I will honor their support by protecting our personal and religious liberties from an intrusive federal government. We must never waver in our support of the conservative principles that have allowed Texas to prosper — that means low taxes, efficient government and personal freedom.”

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