Meet Lorne

Meet Lorne Liechty, Your Next District 33 Republican Representative.

Protecting the liberty we enjoy as Texans takes experienced and conservative leadership. As the State Representative for District 33, I’ll never waver in my support of the Republican principles that have allowed our state to prosper – that means low taxes, limited government, strong schools and personal freedom.

With the retirement of Representative Scott Turner, I want to continue his fight for a state government that is lean and efficient with a renewed focus on the essential services that impact our everyday lives like better roads, schools of excellence and safer neighborhoods.

Conservative principles have guided my leadership as the Mayor of Heath. Instead of expensive, big-ticket projects, we’ve kept our tax rate among the lowest in North Texas by limiting the role of government and excelling at the basic services you expect from City Hall.

Raised on a farm in a small town, my parents guided our family with a commitment to our Christian faith. Hard work was considered a virtue. And, giving back to our community was expected.

These values have followed me throughout my life as I have grown a successful law practice, provided leadership in our church, and committed my time to assist families in need. Serving on the Board of Directors of Rockwall County Helping Hands, I helped families improve their health and finances without relying on intrusive government involvement.

Our state is at a crossroads. To keep Austin from becoming like Washington D.C., we must stop electing Republicans who talk like conservatives but vote like Democrats. Instead, we need unwavering conservatives who will always do what is right for Texas taxpayers.

I will not take your trust and support lightly. You have my word that I will run my campaign with honor and integrity from the Republican primary just a few months away, to the November general election later next year.

Thank you in advance for your faith, fellowship and support. I will do everything I can to uphold your trust as a Texas State Representative.

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